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We do not use text books to guide you and reports to charge you, we use real life experience gained over 20 years alongside continuous learning, ensuring we add value quickly and effectively

Business Planning, Strategy & Routes to Market

Aligning your vision and mission with your targets, markets and strategies to get their, we are skilled in creating business models and plans to allow you to determine your path, focus & deliver the results you desire.

Goal Setting & Accountability

From roles and responsibilities (RASIC) to ensuring everyone in the business has a clear set of measurable goals and targets, if you want your teams to respond they ALL need a goal setting, an objective to measure. Don’t stop with the management team, set goals for everyone to align your business.

KPIs, Data & Business Intelligence (BI)

You need reliable information to be able to run your business effectively. We are skilled in understanding your business operation, the systems you have in place, and helping you get information and reports that you can use to run your business more effectively and hold people to account.


Whether you need digital transformation for your systems and your client interactions, or need to adapt your organisation structure and people, we have experience in transforming business of many sizes.

Let us help you bring about a enhanced employee alignment, customer satisfaction, improved profitability and overall success! Transformation can be quick or gradual, whatever you need, a quick call will help identify this.

Growth Challenges

Growth challenges are amazing to have, yet are also sleep depriving monsters! As your organisation grows you need to adopt ever maturing structures & processes. Don’t get carried away, the worst mistake is putting FTSE100 processes into a £4m SME. Changes need to be RELEVANT to your business, not put in “just because”.

Each year you should plan your business changes around your growth in a continual progression that never ends.

Team Building & Coaching

Your people are your most important asset. Overcoming conflict, lack of alignment, ensuring a “togetherness” with aligned objectives, personal development plans, inspiring leadership are all essential to ensure your business and your people thrive together as one

Product & Technology Development

Developing technologies and products is never straight forwards. Whether you are falling behind in your plans, overspending, struggling with clients, not hitting performance requirements, or failing to hit quality expectations, as an Engineering leader of more than 20 years we can help you identify the root causes in your development needs and put corrective actions in place quickly.

Project Management

From small projects to multi £m programmes involving hundreds of staff, we have experience of scoping, planning, delivering and governing projects of all sizes, putting PMO (project management office) process into organisations, and ensuring they are fit for you. With a vast depth of experience across waterfall, AGILE, scrum, KanBan, PRINCE2, PMP and more, you are in the best hands with us.

Paragon ID

Paragon ID

Paragon ID (part of Paragon PLC – FTSE250) is a mature SME with challenges in project management skills, governance of projects and stakeholder frustration. We implemented the following transformation items to support the business challenges they faced:

  • TRL/ MRL training to roadmap an environmental pollution issue and the tech required to handle.
  • Governance process for initiating and delivering projects
  • “Project Lifecycle Process” – bespoke to their business and meeting the stakeholder needs
  • PM skills in PERT, Earned Value, PIG, Pareto, Myers Briggs, Tuckmans Model, Herzberg
  • Stakeholder management – coaching, training & developing the project managers for both internal and external
  • Dashboarding – having a weekly dashboard of all projects, status, issues & risks
  • Project management coaching
Bespoke Leisure Solutions

Bespoke Leisure Solutions

Bespoke Leisure Solutions provide UK holiday park with marketing and cutting edge digital consultancy. Partnering with Creative in TiME, we undertook to lead the technical specification and requirements for a new holiday park B2C “app” as a response to COVID19 to enable holiday parks to quickly onboard cashless transactions for food & beverages, update customers on facilities, entertainment and safety information. 

  • Led the offshore software development team in India to deliver the app to the specification.
  • Negotiated integration of 3rd party ordering system (agile time to market) with Preoday (who also supply Haven, Centre Parcs & TGI Friday), and negotiated with Europarcs contact for use on their site.
  • Created a roadmap for the app for future development needs.


National Safety Inspections

National Safety Inspections (NSI) is a fast growing SME based in Leeds providing national electrical safety inspections for home owners and landlords, with a robust and viable business model where scalability is limited by operational logistics. Following “Discovery” we provided 10 weeks of coaching and direct support to the co-owner and Managing Director in scaling near term and long term challenges including:

  • Setting and detailing NSI vision, mission, 3 year targets, values, 1 year plans, quarterly objectives & current issues
  • Online payment solutions – implementing STRIPE to reduce invoicing & debtors for B2C clients
  • Website – implementing of chatbot to capture visiting potentials
  • Online booking – regional layout of website planning
  • Field technicians – ways of managing, bonusing, implementing KPI’s and creating competition for results
  • Sales team – implementing bonus structure linked to new business
  • Auto appointment booking for failed certification inspections
  • KPI’s across all departments, around debtor days, job closure rates, 
  • Customer satisfaction surveys – text messaging going out following each appointment

RFID Discovery

RFID Discovery is a fast growing SaaS SME growing at more than 100% per annum facing challenges with managing customer expectations (multiple NHS sites), scope creep in tendered projects, on time delivery to agreed requirements, and internal culture. Following “Discovery” sessions we implemented the following transformation items to support the fast growth and customer challenges they faced:

  • “Project Lifecycle Process” – bespoke to their business and meeting the stakeholder needs
  • Stakeholder management – coaching, training & developing the project managers for both internal and external
  • Dashboarding – having a weekly dashboard of all projects, status, issues & risks
  • Project management coaching in PMI, Prince2, Agile and my own bespoke elements
  • Risk management plan for offshoring software development and building a new remote software team
  • Client scope mgmt. techniques, process & tools



“Fred’s wealth of experience within various roles and enterprises means that he is able to adapt his mentoring and teaching material to suit the direct needs of the client. In our case we needed to redefine and develop PM Process, Governance and Reporting Tools in line with the transformation of our business from a manufacturer of traditional products to a project-based technology company.

Haydn Ward – Paragon ID

“Fred is very approachable, vastly experienced with a great understanding of business and has assisted in the development of improved business processes which are proving to be successful.”

Mia Churchyard – RFID Discovery

Let’s build something great together.

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