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Frequently asked questions about our business, digital marketing and SEO services, and more. Don’t see an answer to your question? Reach out to us and we can give you an answer.

So, what is it that you actually do?

We are a digital marketing and business advice agency. We audit, advise, mentor and manage your marketing requirements underpinned with business advice and support capabilities. We specialise in SEO (search engine optimisation) and expert business advice.

We specialise in being your partner on your business journey, and our customers appreciate having access to director level, manager at level and team level expertise in business and marketing without the need to employ all levels at great cost to your company.

We understand that marketing is a full-time job, that marketing staff need leadership and direction, and even having your own internal resource will often still come with skill, competency and time shortfalls.

We offer advice and reviews on all areas of your business, from business and profitability modelling (including gross profit and EBIT) modelling, commercial sales forecasting, business case building, P&L building and cashflow concerns, product & service development, transformation (organisational and digital), analytics, process building, workflow management, vision, values strategies and KPI’s.

You can benefit from as little or as much support as you need.

What is your process?

Depending on where you are or what you do in your business, our main focus is auditing, advising, mentoring or managing your marketing requirements.


Audit – We look at everything you do, everything you are, where you are versus where you want to be.

Advice – We provide you advice on your progress and next steps, normally weekly or bi-weekly.

Mentoring – This is the part we really help direct and review your Business & Marketing processes.

Managing – This is the part where we roll up our sleeves, as much or as little as you need and deliver, with a focus on SEO via blogs, web page development and social media, delivering email campaigns, and underpinning our work with detailed research into your market.

How long does it take to see results?

We concentrate on organic results (I.e. sustainable SEO instead of paid advertising), we do feel that working with a business over a six-month period is a great start.

How much does it cost?

Each package is bespoke because no two businesses are the same. Our monthly packages offer incredible value when compared to recruiting all our skills into your own company, delivering what you need without having to build an entire team!

You may require many services or just one or two. Let us chat this through with you to find out exactly what you need.

We are not a typical agency that likes to take on as many customers as possible, we are quality focussed, we want to make every part of the service bespoke to you, and we want you to feel you are being taken care of in this journey.

How long has CiT been in business?

We launched in one of the hardest economical times in 2019, and we are proud to say that not only have we survived but we have surpassed our own expectations. This is because we have a growing team of researchers and digital marketing experts, and real-life experience gained over 20 years.

Fred has a background in Aerospace, Rail, hydrogen fuel cell, electronics, IoT, F1, business transformation specialist. Andrea is an award-Winning Business builder, marketing guru, franchise creator. She has 20 years of business experience in B2C and B2B and is a networking Queen.

What other Marketing Agency do you know that has the knowledge and expertise of a Chartered Engineer and an award-winning multi-business creator?

Why do I need a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is a detailed roadmap that contains your marketing strategies, activities, costs, and results over a specified period. It sets out the necessary marketing action to take for your business to meet its targets.

A marketing plan is needed as it will show your business goals, your market, your activities, and chosen marketing strategies which will keep your business on track to success. A good marketing plan can ensure you find out what strategies work for you, what your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities are, and where your money is being spent.

A well-formed marketing plan can lead your business to success and profit that you would not reach otherwise.

Would my business benefit from Digital Marketing?

Short answer, yes. Digital marketing can take many forms such as search engine optimisation and social media marketing. Digital marketing has some major benefits over traditional marketing methods. With more and more people using the internet, it is the easiest way to connect with your target audience.

Using digital marketing tactics, you can determine who your target audience is and the most effective way to reach them. Digital marketing can be more beneficial to a business as you can see exactly where your money is going and how effective it is; seeing analytics on a post can measure the performance of your campaigns.

How will CiT get to understand my business?

We take a real interest from the get-go. We will ask you a lot of questions. Our preference is to have a discovery call, which usually lasts around one hour and a half. From then on, we really get to the roots of what the problems or issues might be. We take it from there.

Every day, we’re learning, and every day, we learn a little more from you. We can use what we learn from you to smash your marketing objectives.

Is all the work done in-house by the CIT Team?

95% of the time, yes! Our team is growing every single week, but every now and then, we use trusted professionals to complete and carry out work that is of their particular expertise.

How will CiT create content without knowing my business or industry?

Research is the name of our game. In fact, there is nothing more exciting than learning all about what you do, how you do it, and who your customers are. Our dedicated team are experts in finding out data that even YOU may not know about your company or competitors.

CREATIVE in TiME’s customer base is predominantly in the industry sectors of Technology, Information, Manufacturing and Engineering. Just because you may not fall into one of these categories, this does not mean we can’t help you; we help clients in other sectors too!

How often will results be reported?

Each of our packages are bespoke for you and your company. Behind the scenes, we keep track on your analytics weekly and we report the results to you monthly.


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