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Hello and welcome to CREATIVE in TiME, we are a digital marketing agency with expertise in SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Email Campaigns, Google Analytics and more.

What we do

We help your business get found, engage  with your audience and raise your brand awareness.

  • Rise through the Google Rankings with organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
  • Connect and engage your audience with Content Marketing (e.g. Blogging, Articles, Case Studies).
  • Reach your audience through Social Media (e.g. LinkedIn, FB, Insta).
  • Ensure you are found on Google My Business.
  • Keep your audience upto date through Email Campaigns.
  • Receive readable reports with data (e.g. google anlytics) and explanations on progress.


Values & mission
Business Modelling
Digital Transformation
Reviewing & Reporting


Website audits
Blog and Article Creation
Case Studies
Keyword Analysis

Social Media

Multi platform scheduling
Content Creation


Email Campaigns
Content Creation

Who we help





and marketing you can TRUST.
From advice to fully managed solutions, CREATIVE in TiME support your business and marketing needs.


This is the part where we look at everything you do, everything you are, where you are versus where you want to be.

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We will spend a couple of hours deep diving into your business, your customers and your expectations, then provide you a clear and simple report on our findings our idea’s and suggestions. We prefer to walk you through this report to ensure a real clarity of communication.
For only £499 find out where you are and where you want to be.


This is the part we really help direct and review your Marketing processes.

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Keeping you on track with weekly calls, remote support, a monthly report and a monthly face to face or zoom. We make sure you are getting it right and in receipt of the analytics that are essential for continued growth.


This is the part where we provide you advice on your progress and next steps, either weekly or bi-weekly.

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We will help guide you on your Marketing journey. Talk through what you could and should be doing and help keep you accountable to ensure you are achieving your goals. We will ensure you have a solid basis from our Audit.


This is the part where we roll up our sleeves, as much or as little as you need.

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Think of us like your never ending Marketing team. This service is totally bespoke to your needs. We can take any or all of your Marketing woes off your shoulders. SEO, website, blogs, PR, video, e-mail marketing, branding, printing, design, strategy. You name it, along with our fabulous marketing team, we have you covered.

Ready to take control of your marketing?

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What other Marketing Agency has the knowledge and expertise of a Chartered Engineer and an award winning multi business creator? We get business, we get people, and we deliver.
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We understand the people, the resources, the processes and tools that go into making your business run smoothly and we get the struggles companies like yours experience with the heady world of marketing. 
It’s no secret that Marketing Agencies don’t have a great name. The common complaints being that they just don’t return value. We believe that the missing link time and time again is understanding.
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Understanding your business and your goals, understanding your customers and understanding your expectations. Because we spend the time in the beginning asking the ‘right’ questions, we can provide you value and achieve deliverables in record TiME.
No text books or classic reports, just brilliant practical workable advice and an exceptional team if you need us to completely manage your marketing requirements.
We get results.

"Fred’s wealth of experience within various roles and enterprises means that he is able to adapt his mentoring and teaching material to suit the direct needs of the client. In our case we needed to redefine and develop PM Process, Governance and Reporting Tools in line with the transformation of our business from a manufacturer of traditional products to a project-based technology company"

Haydn Ward. Paragon ID

"Andrea has this amazing skill where she understands your challenge because she's been there (trust me, she's done so much in business that she's literally been there!) and then she pulls from that breadth of knowledge and engages in a conversation with you, in a language and way that you understand, to help you achieve your goals! In my case, Andrea was able to kick-start my public engagement to grow my business through a few messages on LinkedIn. She instantly understood where I was coming from and was able to ask me the right questions, in the right way (her specialty), and literally the next morning I messaged her about all the ideas that she had lit a fire under. I highly recommend her to every business and leader who is looking to evolve to the next level."

Eric Vautrin

"Fred is very approachable, vastly experienced with a great understanding of business and has assisted in the development of improved business processes which are proving to be successful.”

Mia Churchyard – RFID Discovery

"Andrea is very charming and knowledgeable, sharing her vast experience selflessly. Andrea in a very short space of time gave me inspiration and a strategy to fall in love once again in aspects of my business that I had been avoiding - mostly because I didn't know how, or had lost confidence in doing. She understood me from the get-go, which made me open up more readily. Her advice was absolutely on the money, actionable with little nudges to ensure you were keeping to the promises you made. I highly recommend Andrea if you are looking for a great cheerleader, mentor, and business coach, Andrea has it all."

Karen Haywood

"Fred is an extremely intelligent and approachable person with a vast wealth of experience and knowledge. He has an excellent way of understanding a problem and establishing ways to decode it into smaller manageable tasks. Fred helped mentor me during a substantial growth period for my company and advised on numerous things. He helped setting and detailing vision, mission, 3 year targets, values, 1 year plans, quarterly objectives & current issues. Online payment solutions – implementing STRIPE to reduce invoicing & debtors for B2C clients. Online booking – regional layout of website planning. Field technicians – ways of managing, bonusing, implementing KPI’s and creating competition for results. We spent hours discussing ways to set and achieve different KPI's for all members of staff across all departments. It was a pleasure to deal with and work with Fred and would highly recommend him to anyone needed his services. "

Andy Stoner

"We knew we needed to upskill our project managers in both process and interpersonal skills, as well as drive discipline into our business to gain efficiency and prevent client scope creep. We chose Fred to help us having seen him mentor project managers, manage B2B clients and implement a PMO previously. We found it easy to discuss our business and people needs with Fred, and from there on enjoyed seeing our project managers develop their interpersonal, business and project management skills in real life instead of in theory. We have implemented PM and Governance process developed by our own project managers working alongside Fred and are already seeing the benefits realised with improved meeting focus, dashboards of live projects, discipline in our team and quality of information available to make quick decisions, even impressing our group CTO! Fred is an engaging and insightful mentor, experienced in an array of theories and methodologies. He is capable of tailoring these practises to the direct needs of clients, moreover, providing the confidence and tools to apply them in the workplace to ignite a positive business step change, I would thoroughly recommend him."

Andrew Jones

"Fred is natural leader with great business acumen and has an uncanny ability to identify risks (and mitigate them), spot opportunities (and execute them), and maximise any business’ success. Fred’s simplistic and practical approach to Project & Programme Management (whilst having a firm grasp of its complexities) alongside in-depth people management capabilities was a great foundation for my development. Most importantly, Fred is a very kind human being with good sense of humour and pleasant to work with. I was looking for career progression from a technical engineering role into a project management role, Fred helped me achieve this by providing tailored mentoring and encouragement. Fred also guided me in achieving endorsements on my Engineering skills & Project Management skills from renowned international institutes. Based on foundations provided by Fred, I have successfully delivered numerous projects for large multinational corporations and have never looked back."

Nimesh Taylor

"Andrea was key in introducing my business to the world of social media. Before her I struggled but with her business savvy and digital media skills she propelled my business forward. This is only one aspect of her support, she also introduced me to other business contacts and offered advice on many different business areas. I cannot recommend Andrea enough! "

Kelly Stevens

"..she (Andrea) is been a whirlwind of proactive energy, great ideas and support. She exudes enthusiasm, coupled with great insight and awareness. Over this past week, we chatted about business issues 3 times, shared a podcast and today she recommended me to a contact. I would happily recommend her to anyone that wants a fresh perspective on their business and its strategy."

Ian Scott
Who are we?

Fred Warner

Chartered Engineer. Background in Aerospace, rail, hydrogen fuel cell, electronics, IOT, F1, business transformation specialist. Self taught musician and music producer.

What does Fred bring to the table? Never ending wealth of information about what seems like ‘everything’! ..except TV shows or celebs.

Top Skills: Reporting, presenting, data analysis, ideas.

Commonly hears: …he looks too young to have as much experience as he does.

Surprising: A creative in an Engineer’s body. Fred has a passion for branding and honing down your vision, mission and goals using his self developed 7Q methodology.

Favourite Recommendation.Fred’s wealth of experience within various roles and enterprises means that he is able to adapt his mentoring and teaching material to suit the direct needs of the client.

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In our case we needed to redefine and develop PM Process, Governance and Reporting Tools in line with the transformation of our business from a manufacturer of traditional products to a project-based technology company. On a personal level he helped to instil confidence in me to take forward what I had learned and apply it to effect a positive culture change within our business, which has received good feedback not just within the internal senior management team but across the wider paragon exec. Given this impact I would fully recommend Fred as a tutor/mentor to those at either a junior or senior level.” Haydn Ward. Paragon ID


Andrea Warner

Award Winning Business builder, Marketing guru, franchise creator, 20 years business experience in B2C and B2B, Networking Queen. Brings humour and laughter to every meeting. Why wouldn’t you? 

What does Dre bring to the table? An easy ability to mentor and coach business leaders. Super human levels of empathy and enthusiasm.

Top skills: Listening, asking the right questions, organisation, networking.

Commonly hears: “I just want to bottle you up and take you everywhere with me”

Surprising: Incredible levels of business knowledge, understanding and experience.   

Favourite recommendation:VALUE – KIND – CLEAR – RESULTS – SIMPLE Andrea helped me recently with a simple strategy for PR and content through social & WOW … 

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She keeps things so simple and clear , I am already seeing results and better engagement online not only that she’s one pocket rocket fun lady to work with – literally a hidden gem this one .. I started by booking a discovery call 📞 which led me to finding out exactly what I needed rather than what I think I needed .. she delivered . I’ve always felt nervous about investing wisely in outsourcing consultancy, most people charge the earth and don’t bring much to the table. I had a plan and clear focus within 3 days after my call. I felt prioritised and everything was thought out really well.” Lucy Faddoul.
La Sante House.
CREATIVE in TiME have been fortunate to work with a variety of industries including Formula 1, Aerospace, Leisure, Electronics, Beauty, RFID, Rail, H2 Fuel Cell, Internet of Things. But dont worry, we won’t turn you away if your business doesn’t fall into these categories!









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