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  • Are you curious about how your website is performing on search engines?  
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  • Want to improve your websites traffic – and ultimately the number of leads you get digitally?  

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First Off, What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation which technically means making a deal with Google’s robots – if you include certain keywords effectively, give your user’s the best experience, create links with other websites (and so much more of what Google is looking for), Google will rank your site higher than your competitors.

But there’s a lot more that goes into SEO, and with regular updates, your strategy that has worked for years might need to be completely tearing apart and reworked to appeal to the new system.

What Can An SEO Audit Do For You?

Our website audit checks out all the important stuff that affects your website’s visibility on search engines, like how fast your pages load, how awesome your content is, and any technical issues that might be holding you back. We’ve got a super-comprehensive checklist to make sure we cover everything.

Our SEO reports include a lot more than just your standard SEO stuff. It also includes a look into your social media channels to uncover any opportunities you might be missing out on.

So What Makes CREATIVE in TiME’s SEO Audit Different?

CREATIVE in TiME knows that digital marketing jargon can be quite confusing at times, so we try to keep our reports as jargon-free as possible with a helpful glossary attached to give some clarity.  

What Happens Next?

When we’re done with our SEO analysis of your website, we’ll give you a report that’s chock-full of helpful info. We’ll show you where your website is outperforming and where there’s room for improvement. We’ll also give you some practical tips that you can use to boost your website’s performance alongside our how we would approach your marketing strategy in the future. 

What We Do

We help your business get found, engage with your audience and raise your brand awareness.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Ever wondered what magic spell you need to get found on Google? Rise through Google rankings with organic SEO & increase the amount of organic traffic you are getting to your website. 

content marketing

Brand Design & Strategy

We inspire individuality and creativity when it comes to your vision, mission and messaging so you can stand out to your audience and be set apart from your competitors. CREATIVE in TiME find new and creativity ways that make you memorable.  

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Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t dead, and it isn’t going anywhere, either! We will create engaging, eye-catching emails that will build your brand awareness and engagement.  

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Social Media Marketing

We’ll take away the stress of managing your social media accounts. We create a bespoke strategy that will grow your audience and to keep your customers engaged as well as scheduling in your social posts. 

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Content Marketing

Everyone knows content is king. From blogging to infographics and case studies, we will get your business noticed.   

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Web Development

It’s all well and good making your site rank but it also needs to be secure, be functional and be exciting. CREATIVE in TiME are experts at producing SEO-friendly websites with a key focus on the user’s experience.

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