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We create or help you create email campaigns designed to achieve your business’s goals.

Is email marketing worth it?

Very. Doing Email Marketing right can be a significant driver of traffic and leads to your website.

In fact, email marketing still promises to deliver the highest ROI of all marketing channels— £35 back for every £1 you spend. 

With 92% of online adults using email, at least 61% of them are using it daily. This remarkable fact clearly shows that email isn’t dead, rather that email marketing is well worth the time and effort. Without Email Marketing, you could be missing out on valuable revenue, traffic and exposure.

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Data at the forefront.

Data analysis is key to understanding where your organic traffic is generated. We will always begin our process by completing an in-depth analysis of your website data and social media platforms before creating your email marketing strategy. We will use your data to understand where your traffic comes from, your current and ideal demographic, and where we can improve your organic traffic.

We’re your partner.

We specialise in being your partner on your business journey, and our customers appreciate having access to director level, manager level and team level expertise in business and marketing without needing to employ all levels at significant cost to your company.

Our Email Marketing Services

Our email marketing services involve creating an email marketing strategy designed to achieve your business’s goals by creating, distributing, tracking and analysing email campaigns. These email campaigns can be singular email campaigns, nurture campaigns and automated email workflows to engage and interest different customer segments. Using engaging images, content, interactive designs and captivating subject lines, we can ensure email marketing has a place in your digital marketing journey.

Here’s a list of all the email marketing services we offer here at CREATIVE in TiME:

  • Email marketing platform creation
  • Creating custom content
  • Email marketing design
  • Planning an email schedule
  • Email automation
  • Recipient segmentation
  • Email marketing reporting and analysis

Ready to take control of your marketing?

What is email marketing?

In a nutshell, email marketing is the use of email to promote your products or services.

Email is a great way to develop relationships with your potential customers or clients. When performed well, it can help you to keep your customers informed and tailor marketing messages to your audience. Enlisting the help of an email marketing agency is a great way to maximise your performance.

Email marketing is the most profitable and cost-effective direct marketing channel, generating an average return on investment of 4,200%. For this reason alone, email should be a key pillar of your digital marketing strategy. 

How can email marketing help my business?

Email marketing offers high returns on investment and is particularly effective for eCommerce companies selling direct to clients. 

Not only this, but email marketing helps build strong customer relationships, develop your own unique brand, build credibility as a business and become an expert with expert content.

Email marketing is also very efficient with your time and budget. Designing a professional email marketing campaign isn’t complicated or time-consuming. Sending emails to a large number of subscribers is also very cost-effective. You get direct access to the email inboxes of potential customers, without having to pay the costs of direct mail.

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How much do email marketing services cost?

Overall, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques. Here at CREATIVE in TiME, each package is entirely bespoke for you. Our monthly packages offer incredible value when compared to recruiting all our skills into your own company, delivering what you need without having to build an entire team! You may require many services or just one or two. Let us chat this through with you to find exactly what you need.

How do we develop your email marketing strategies/campaign?

Discovery Call / Consultation

First, we like to set up a discovery call with our potential clients to chat about your business, your customers, your start point, and where you wish to be.


Research & Audits

We look at everything you do, everything you are, and where you are versus where you want to be. Our team will do the analysis and seek out the opportunities.

Strategic Planning

How can we make the most of the search opportunities we’ve found for you? Whether you need our complete content marketing services, a detailed strategy, or just a few blogs going out a month, we can deliver.

Analytics & Feedback

What’s working and what isn’t? What changes are you making in your business that might provide new opportunities? We keep an open conversation with you and your business to ensure all potential is being maximised.

Flexible Workflow

Need us to change focus? No problem. We’re flexible enough to redirect your budget into the areas that matter to you to support your marketing strategy. 

What can I expect from an email marketing agency?

Our email marketing agency will enhance your current email marketing strategy by helping you to understand what email marketing is, why your business should be using email marketing and how this can have a positive impact on your overall marketing and business strategies. Our expert knowledge of email marketing will uniquely aid your business by adapting to your individual needs. Through access to specialist tools, we can give your business an edge over your competitors and ensure your emails get the recognition they deserve!

Why choose CREATIVE in TiME?

What other Marketing Agency has the knowledge and expertise of a Chartered Engineer and an award winning multi business creator? We get business, we get people, and we deliver. We understand the people, the resources, the processes, and tools that go into making your business run smoothly and we get the struggles companies like yours to experience with the heady world of marketing.

What we can help with:

Email Marketing Strategy

We will create a detailed, easily digestible, email marketing strategy unique to your business, audience and goals that will convert prospects into customers. 


Content Creation

Our in-house content marketing team will create custom content to include in your email campaigns such as informative content, promotions or guides.

Audience Segmentation

Our team will segment your email recipients into groups which allows for focused emails to reach the correct users and boost CTOR (click-to-open-rates).

Email Analysis

Each month, we provide an easy-to-read report which will detail the performance of your email campaigns and how these affect your bottom line.

Email Design

Our experienced team will create visually appealing campaigns which feature your branding, alongside informative content optimised for desktop & mobile viewing.

Email Platform Creation

We can create an email marketing platform account for your business and ensure it is kept updated with recent and relevant email contact information.

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