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5 Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Site 

5 Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Site 

Website conversions are when someone completes a predetermined desired action on your website such as buying a product or signing up to your newsletter.  

The percentage of people who complete this action is your conversion ratehence the bigger the better!! 

Did you know that the average conversion rate is ONLY 2% and most sites only have a 0.1-0.2% conversion rate? 

That means that you could need 1000 website visitors to create one website conversion, no one is over joyed at the reality of that statistic, are they? 

Improving the conversion rate on your site is crucial to grow your business and turn more of your current visitors into customers.  Keep reading to find out 5 ways to increase conversions on your site . 

Minimise your forms 

Have you ever started filling out a form online but given up due to the amount of required fields? Using unnecessary fields is a sure-fire way to decrease your conversion rate. If all you need is an email and a first name then leave it at that. 

Don’t skip important information though, ensure that you have any needed information but skip fields which will not be of any use. Ask yourself if a field plays a key role, if the answer is no then get rid! 

The less a user has to fill in, the more likely they are to complete the form. 

Add a pop-up 

Pop-ups, when done right, can reach a 9% conversion rate and on average the conversion rate for all pop-ups is 3.09%. 

We have a few tips for creating pop-ups that will increase conversions and not annoy your customers! 

  1. Put a delay timer on the pop-up. A 30 second delay between opening the website and receiving the pop-up can avoid it becoming annoying. 
  1. Make it easy to close. Not everyone wants to interact with a pop-up so ensure that it is easy to close and will remain closed. 
  1. Following that, ensure that the pop-up only appears once per user to make sure that people are not constantly receiving the pop-up as it can become annoying and even cause people to leave the website. 
  1. Try out offers! The first offer you try might not be quite right, try a variety of products, premium content, newsletters, free stuff and PDFs until you find one this really fits in. 

Boost your CTAs 

Let me guess, your calls to action (CTAs) sound a bit like this “Start free trial” and “Sign up now”. Now there is nothing necessarily wrong with these but to get the BEST conversion rates you should look at what people psychologically want to click. 

Starting a CTA with ‘yes’ makes the customer see it in a positive way and creates a psychological desire to click. For example, which would you rather click on: “Claim discount” or “Yes, I want a discount!”. 

Making your CTA look ‘click-able’ and stand out is vital to making people want to click. Try a movement or colour change when the mouse moves over it or a different shape to the rest of the page to make you know it should be CLICKED. 

Add live chat 

Most people need to be completely sure about a purchase before making it, especially if the product/service you are offering is expensive. For some customers this may be a single question that they need answering. 

Live chats are perfect for these situations, by installing a live chat onto your website it can allow customers to have more security with their purchase and quell any worries they may have. It is easy to add to the site and is well worth it for the potential website conversions. 

Create abandoned cart email campaigns 

Do you ever go onto a website, add a product to your cart and either decide not to checkout or just forget to? Everyone does it and that means its sure to be happening on your website too. 

Creating an email campaign to follow up on these abandoned carts ensures you are maximising your chances of website conversions. 

These emails should include a reminder about the products in their carts, and potentially a discount or offer as an incentive to continue their purchase. 

A simple reminder is all it takes for some customers to continue their purchase so don’t miss out on these potential conversions! 

Now that you know 5 ways to increase conversions on your site, it’s time to put this knowledge into practice. Implementing even just one of these can have a positive impact on your conversions, and using multiple is even better. 

If you want to boost your website conversions but still aren’t sure how to or what would be best for your business, click down below to see how we can help. 

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