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The Barbie Movie: Lessons for Your Marketing Strategy

The Barbie Movie: Lessons for Your Marketing Strategy

The Barbie film was a show-stopper in 2023, but how did Barbie accomplish such a remarkable feat, and what does it mean for your marketing? 

With a captivated audience, it’s no surprise to hear that over 6.9 million people and counting viewed the Barbie movie. 

Barbie’s message struck a chord with people everywhere and was attributed to one of the most remarkable marketing campaigns of 2023. 

Let’s see how taking note of Barbie’s marketing techniques could benefit your business.

How Was Barbie’s Marketing Unique?

Barbie is a huge brand which has been around for decades (since 1959!), and its marketing has developed to follow current trends as the years have passed. 

Barbie’s marketing was unique in the fact that they understood that their audience was made up of multiple target age categories, from younger children to older adults who have grown up with Barbies.  

Join CREATIVE in TiME as we explore the reasons why your business should take notes from Barbie’s unique marketing approach: 

Embracing Brand Identity

Barbie’s strong and recognisable brand identity showcases the importance of branding. Every element of their branding tells a story, from the iconic pink colour to the Barbie logo.  

However, branding goes beyond just a logo or colour scheme. It encompasses the entire customer experience, from the message conveyed through marketing materials to how customers interact with the brand.  

Your small business can learn from this and focus on creating a distinct brand identity. By crafting a cohesive brand experience, your business can establish a stronger identity and ensure that customers can recognise them across all platforms. Don’t worry, you don’t need hot pink to stand out! 

By crafting a strong brand identity and delivering it consistently across all touchpoints, you can build trust and loyalty among your audience.

Understanding Audience Desires

One of the key elements of Barbie’s marketing brilliance was their ability to understand the desires of their audience. They knew that their followers were eagerly waiting for the film’s release, and they tapped into this anticipation.  

Through social media, Barbie captured attention and built excitement by sharing behind-the-scenes footage, teasers, and interactive content. They created a sense of anticipation and exclusivity, making their audience feel like they were part of something special. 

From using adverts on buses to huge billboards, Barbie made sure to get in the eyesight of their audience.  

You can follow suit by staying attuned to your audience’s changing preferences and needs or by using a marketing team like CREATIVE in TiME, who can do it all for you.  

Regularly conducting market research, engaging with customers, and listening to their feedback can provide invaluable insights that drive more effective marketing strategies.

Collaboration And Partnerships

Barbie’s collaborations with top brands and unique experiences demonstrate the power of strategic partnerships.  

From partnering with fashion designers to creating limited-edition merchandise such as jewellery from Tiffany’s, Barbie maximised its reach and tapped into new customer segments. These partnerships enabled them to create buzz and generate excitement among their target audience. 

Your small business can explore collaboration opportunities within your industry or adjacent industries to expand its reach. 

By teaming up with like-minded businesses or influencers, you can leverage each other’s strengths, pool resources, and create win-win scenarios for all parties involved.  

Who knew it could be so simple? 

Leveraging Digital Platforms

Barbie’s global press tour and extensive online presence underscore the importance of leveraging digital platforms (we happen to know a thing or two about this at CREATIVE in TiME!).  

They engaged with their audience through various social media channels, videos, and interactive content.  

Barbie understood its audience and capitalised on this by extending its marketing campaigns to include TikTok challenges and Instagram takeovers. This shows that it is important to know where your audience is and what they are interested in seeing. 

Your business should also prioritise building a strong online presence through social media marketing, content creation, and search engine optimisation.  

We know this can seem like a big job, which is why you may prefer to get in touch with CREATIVE in TiME; we can help you along the way and ensure your business is supported in your new marketing endeavours. 

By consistently engaging with your target audience through relevant and valuable content, your business can increase brand visibility, attract more customers, and drive conversions.  

Utilising digital platforms also opens opportunities for targeted advertising (whether this is via paid ads or not), allowing your business to reach a highly specific audience with its marketing messages. 

Utilise Barbie’s Marketing Techniques With CREATIVE in TiME

It’s important to note that while your small business may not have the same resources as Barbie’s marketing team, you can adapt and apply the key principles from Barbie’s campaign to your own marketing efforts.  

By taking inspiration from Barbie’s approach and tailoring it to your own resources, with the help of CREATIVE in TiME, you can elevate your marketing activities and connect with your audience on a deeper level.  

We want to be your ‘in-house’ team, albeit external. We focus on understanding you and YOUR customer. Honing your brand and message, looking after your entire digital estate, from websites, google business, social media, PPC, customer engagement, email, and more! 

Get in touch with CREATIVE in TiME today and let us guide you in implementing effective marketing strategies that resonate with your target customers, allowing your business to shine in 2024 and beyond!