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Is Your Manufacturing Brand Making These Common  Marketing Mistakes?

Is Your Manufacturing Brand Making These Common  Marketing Mistakes?

Marketing is a vital function of every business but it can be a confusing venture. There are many common marketing mistakes that can be made by manufacturing brands, but don’t worry! We can help you rectify these issues to ensure your brand is achieving its highest potential, let us give you our top marketing agency tips.

Let’s look at some of the common marketing mistakes you could be making and how they can be fixed or straight up avoided. 

Poor product imagery  

When people are looking to buy your product, imagery is very important. Your product may be of good quality but if the images of it are unprofessional, it may be dismissed before you even get over the starting line. Lets be honest, no one wants to be dismissed. 

Ensure the images you use for marketing purposes are professional, show your product in the best light and show it in use (if possible). 

The person buying your product may not have extensive knowledge in the area, if you make information easily accessible to your prospective customers, they will be far more likely to pick your product.  

Why would a customer buy your product if they don’t understand it or why they need it? 

Not monitoring results 

When utilising digital marketing, think of your analytics as a gold mine! Not keeping track of them is like winning the lottery but not cashing in. 

Monitoring your results will help you understand what is/isn’t working so you can change your strategy accordingly. 

Not keeping track of results can cause your business to spend unnecessary money on marketing which isn’t bringing in business. 

Revisit your marketing strategy to keep track of and maximise your reach and lower your costs. Want to design your marketing process to be as cost-effective as possible? Click here to find our top tips. 

Not modernising your marketing 

Manufacturing brands are often family businesses that have been running for a number of years. If this is the case for your business, you need to ensure that your marketing techniques are as fresh and dynamic as they can be.  

Businesses that rely on paper adverts, brochures and local events will struggle if they do not embrace the digital world.  

Social media, email campaigns, and blogging are all forms of digital marketing that could significantly improve your brand’s exposure. 

Lack of website upkeep 

There are very few businesses without a website, but is it working how it should?  

Just having a website is not enough, it needs maintenance and attention like all aspects of your business. You wouldn’t leave your machinery operating with faults, would you? Your website is just as integral to your success, trust us! 

Use quick fixes and outsource website work if your business is unable to keep on top of or doesn’t have the resources to complete to a high standard. 

Generalising customers 

Customers want to feel appreciated for their purchase. Viewing customers as accounts or numbers can expose your business as generic and impersonal. Researching and understanding your customer’s individual needs can lead to return purchases and help you build brand loyalty. 

It’s likely you have competition and your customer therefore has multiple purchasing options for this product, you need to demonstrate why yours is the best choice. Do you have special expertise? Can you offer advice like no other? Customers appreciate businesses that can offer more than just the product. They want the story, the experience and quality of service.  

Building strong client relationships is vital to gain returning customers and referrals. Don’t underestimate the value of customer loyalty! 

Is your manufacturing brand making these common marketing mistakes? Let’s get you back on track, the best time to start is now! Book a discovery call with CREATIVE in TiME now.