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Black Friday Marketing Strategies to Maximise 2023 Sales 

Black Friday Marketing Strategies to Maximise 2023 Sales 

Do you sell a product online? If you do, then this one’s for you. Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, and with the aftermath of a global pandemic, more and more shoppers are queuing in virtual stores instead of in brick-and-mortar shops. 

With potential Black Friday shoppers browsing the internet, you want to ensure you are prepared for the craziness and that you can maximise your traffic! 

The expected total spending over Black Friday weekend in the UK is 9.42 BILLION pounds. Crazy right?! 

We’ve put together a few simple marketing strategies you could consider in order to maximise your 2023 sales this Black Friday.  

1. Create your Black Friday Email List  

Our first tip is to create a Black Friday email list. Have you noticed an influx of Black Friday emails in your inbox? We bet you have. Create an email marketing list SPECIFICALLY for people who would be interested in your Black Friday deals. 

Did you know that 25.1% of sales during the Black Friday promotion season has originated from email marketing? If you aren’t utilising email marketing this Black Friday then what’s even the point!?! 

Tip: Create a pop-up on your website asking people to sign up for your newsletter and use an incentive such as early access to the sale. Use a punchy call-to-action to draw people in! 

Once you have created your marketing list, you need to create an enticing email campaign. Use a catchy subject line to intrigue people, include clear CTA’s (call to actions), and try to send out more than one email to remind people about your sale. Don’t worry you’ve still got time! 

Need some inspiration? Check out our EXAMPLE email campaign below!

2. Get creative with timing 

Black Friday is capitalised by businesses big and small; this can get overwhelming for consumers who are receiving the same marketing messages constantly. Try to offset this and grab your customers attention by changing your timing.  

Tip: Try starting your sale early, have you noticed anyone doing ‘Black Thursday’? 

Typically, you will have less business competition for your consumers attention and a head start on sales. Many people use Black Friday to buy Christmas presents at a good value, catching people early ensures they haven’t bought anything yet therefore more chance for you to make a sale. 

3. Extra offers 

Pop-ups draw in consumers attention and even better if they offer an extra discount. Virtual ‘scratch cards’, spin the wheel games (see image below!) and other interactive pop-ups are sure to be an attention grabber.  

Keeping customers on your site longer can help to prevent an abandoned cart and help push sales for people on the fence. 

Tip: Bonus offers do NOT need to be extreme. For example, offer an extra 10% off or next day delivery for £2. 

4. Loyalty programme 

Do you have a loyalty programme or a VIP club for loyal customers? These people are already happy customers and have familiarity with your brand. 

Target existing customers by offering an exclusive discount, existing customers are more likely to buy from your brand than new customers. This also builds a good reputation and encourages customers to continue to purchase from your business. People like to feel appreciated! 

Tip: Create a campaign dedicated to loyal customers. A common offer is early access to Black Friday deals. This can also encourage users to tell their friends about your AMAZING deals! 

5. Social media promotion 

Don’t underestimate the power of social media! Utilise all your social media platforms to get the word out about your involvement in Black Friday. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are firm favourites but don’t fear branching out into TikTok. TikTok was the fastest growing app of 2020 and is no doubt the place to be in 2023!

Tip: Different social media platforms appeal to different demographics. TikTok and Instagram will appeal to a younger demographic whereas Facebook can appeal to an older audience. Who will your product appeal to? Who do you want to target? We recommend you finding this out in order to get the most from your marketing strategy.  

We hope this information has helped you and that our tips will help make this Black Friday the most successful for your business! 

Black Friday is one day a year, but you need effective marketing all year long…that’s where we come in! Get in touch with CREATIVE in TiME to get a free audit!