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An Interview With Andrea Warner

An Interview With Andrea Warner

Starting your own business can appear daunting, and making it succeed can feel like an uphill battle. Andrea Warner, Director of CREATIVE in TiME, talks to Darren Jones from Instinct HR and gives her unique insights into the world of business.

I am an entrepreneur with a business focus” says Andrea.

Darren has captured some of Andrea’s most insightful quotes here. Learn about the mindset of a successful businesswoman and hop to the end to listen to the podcast in full!

What Is Your Approach To Business?

Andrea has a hand in running multiple businesses both alone and with her husband, Fred Warner, and has experience both good and bad in business. Her approach is to not spread yourself too thin and to know when you need assistance.

Andrea said “Business owners take on all of the tasks by themselves and it doesn’t help growing quickly. You just can’t do it by yourself.”

Having a great team is very important, Andrea told Darren about how her team is evolving and growing: “I have a great team, we recently employed a couple of kickstarters and they are amazing! Abbie and Elizabeth are just wonderful, and we don’t have an office, so everything is virtual. The girls are eager and they want to be exceptional, if I ask for some work, they always over deliver. You can’t ask for more than that…I am so excited to help them develop..”

What Drives You To Succeed?

“I’ve always succeeded in spite of others support until I met Fred and now I’m succeeding because of his support.” 

With new husband, Fred Warner (who is equally as impressive a businessman), they have enjoyed creating and growing their successful Marketing and Business Agency ‘CREATIVE in TiME’ together and are looking to create their very own unique brand “Fred & Dre” where they will take us on their business and life journey from day one.

What Is One Piece Of Advice You Have To Offer

“One piece of advice, I would say follow your own heart with things…listen to yourself and your gut instinct. When I stop listening to my gut instinct, it always comes back to bite me. Don’t always listen to fear in others.” 

This is a memorable piece of advice, businesses cannot be entirely based on statistics, listening to your own gut instinct can motivate you to make your business the best it can be.

What Lessons Have You Learnt In Business?

Andrea has had experience in a variety of jobs and from a young age has been working: “I was a door to door salesgirl at 13. I had to get used to rejection real fast” said Andrea.

“I want to do my due diligence now, I’ve learned a lot of lessons in growing businesses over the years so now I’m more hesitant about things but equally I want to always get excited about the stuff that is worth getting excited about.” 

We would recommend for any business owner or entrepreneur to listen to this podcast in full, there is a wealth of knowledge that could not be included in one blog.

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