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“StrategyFred” is a social media reference for thought leading advice, blogs and expertise in Engineering, Technology & Business from Fred Warner, co-founder of CREATiVE in TiME.

“Strat Chat”
“Strat Chat” from StrategyFred

“Strat Chat” is our exciting and dynamic video interview platform talking to business leaders, entrepreneurs and trail blazers making a difference in business, wellbeing, employee engagement and technology transformation

“Fred Says”
“Fred Says” – Thought Leading Advice

“Fred Says” is the platform of StrategyFred to put out ideas, thoughts, challenges, predictions and much more, plus learn how to get over challenges in your business from someone who has 20 years leadership experience in Engineering, Technology & Business.

Published March 2020
5 Steps to Creating your Plan ‘C’ (Coronavirus) – March 2020

We love to connect with new people from all backgrounds in business from corporate leaders to entrepreneurs, we love talking Strategy, Business, Growth & Success. We also like hearing about the challenges and hardships faced achieving your dreams.

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