Why Choose Us?

Why Creative in TiME?

Because our advice, guidance and support will be UNIQUE to YOU and your needs.

Because we will work in partnership & collaboration for your long term needs.

Because our combined 40 years business leadership experience across wide ranging industries will ensure you have the BEST advice available.

Because you cannot find another team with over 40 years combined experience across high tech, low tech, SME, corporate, startups with our level of emotional intelligence, engaging style and inspiration leadership.

Because we are “ThoughtLeaders” providing you the most pragmatic, easy and yet cutting edge ways to grow and sustain your business.

Fred is an extremely intelligent and approachable person with a vast wealth of experience and knowledge. He has an excellent way of understanding a problem and establishing ways to decode it into smaller manageable tasks.

Andy Stoner, MD | National Safety Inspections

We have a unique set of skills and style that sets us apart from other business advisers. Our emotional intelligence is very high meaning we can use our 40 years combined experience in leading and growing business to understand your needs, and provide solutions that are unique to you! No text books, classic reports, just practical workable advice and a great team if you need us to roll our sleeves up and get stuck in!

We found it easy to discuss our business and people needs with Fred are already seeing the benefits realised with improved meeting focus, dashboards of live projects, discipline in our team and quality of information available to make quick decisions, even impressing our group CTO!

Andrew Jones, General Manager, Paragon ID


You are in safe hands with CREATiVE in TiME

20 years experience in Formula 1, Aerospace, Internet of Things, Electronics, RFID, Rail, Renwewables, H2 Fuel Cell, Leisure, Beauty

From Visions to Governance

It is imperative to define, plan, implement and govern the changes you make in your business. The latter two areas being where many business fall down, and where our expertise will really make the difference.

Leadership in Planning, Transformation, Project Management & Governance

Setting your vision, defining your business plan, picking your strategies, to planning the changes needed, how you are going to implement them through sound project management techniques. Implementing changes into your business with a clear idea of who is making the changes, how they affect peoples roles & responsibilities, and ensuring all the team have clear KPI’s and objectives is paramount. All of this is going to get you nowhere if you don’t decide how you are going to govern your business and ensure all the team are kept on track!

Engineering & Technology Leadership

Product Development, Engineering & Technology expertise

20 years leadership in high technology engineering, development & manufacturing environments in Formula 1, Aerospace, Rail, H2 Fuel Cell, Electronics and more, we can take your business through transformation in how to develop products, how to identify areas of risk in your products, and how to tackle quality issues to improve profitability.

Fred is very approachable, vastly experienced with a great understanding of business and has assisted in the development of improved business processes which are proving to be successful.

Mia Churchyard, RFID Discovery

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