5 Top Tips for Landing a Suitable Technology Consultant or Adviser

So, you need help, advice and support with the technologies in your company and want to hire a Technology Consultant, but you’re at a loss on what to look for?
Never fear, let us take you through our five top tips for finding your technology guru.

Online payments – a matter of life or death?

Online payments, or lack thereof, could be a matter of life and death for your business. Whoa horsey, that’s a bit extreme isn’t it? Nope, not really. Never more so than now has offering digital payments been necessary for your business survival, 2020 and beyond. It has been reassuring to see that some companies (evenContinue reading “Online payments – a matter of life or death?”

3 reasons you need a Smartphone App – okay 4!

There are no two ways about it, now more than ever, the world has gone digital. We have absolutely no choice, both your staff and your customers are being actively or legally encouraged to stay home by the Government. We still need to pay the bills, we still need to buy basics and luxuries, weContinue reading “3 reasons you need a Smartphone App – okay 4!”

Advisors vs Consultants – can you tell the difference?

Wade into the world of consultancy, advisers, coaches, mentors & interims you will likely find yourself a little confused. Fear not, it’s not you, it’s the confusing state of the independent industry. You’ll hear talk of the “Big 4”, Transformation, Fintech, Turnaround, Pivoting, Resilience, Talent Strategy to name but a few.  Advisors and consultants areContinue reading “Advisors vs Consultants – can you tell the difference?”

Risks vs Issues explained!

Understanding the difference between risks and issues and how to manage them is key to successfully managing teams in complex environments. This article explains the two in an easy to read blog!