We are a unique and passionate team with over 20 years experience across F1, Aerospace, Clean Tech, Electronics, Rail, IoT, Leisure and Beauty, covering “Corporates”, “SMEs” and “Startups”.

Our style is engaging, understanding, emotionally intelligent and fun. We will make you feel at ease, understood, and in professional and expert company.

Working with us will enable you to transform, grow, adapt and change your business, be that becoming more profitable, reaching new markets, creating new strategies, or improving the accountabilities and target setting within your own teams.

Fred Warner – “StrategyFred”

Hello, I’m Fred Warner, my background is as a Chartered Engineer and Engineering Fellow having studied Aeronautical Engineer at Loughborough University (1997-2001).

I have spent my 20 year career in leadership roles from project management to executive director roles across F1, Aerospace, Clean Tech, Rail, Electronics, IoT & Leisure.

People that know me would say I “get” technology, I “get” people, I “get” business and I am very experienced in using process to stitch the three together.

I work wit Board, CxO & Director levels with a depth of senior leadership experience across P&L functions (sales, marketing, operations, customer service, R&D, overheads, cashflow, GP, CM, EBIT). 

I am a confident and inspiring leader relating quickly to stakeholders and employees of all backgrounds due to my broad and diverse experience combined with my capable emotional intelligence.

Key strengths: Leadership, advising, mentoring, strategy, planning, project management, business development, transformation and business change, routes to market, team building, goal & KPI setting.

Andrea Warner – “Coach Dre”

Hi, I’m Andrea Warner, I have been a self employed business woman and entrepreneur for the last 20 years with a background in coaching, franchising, brand building, business start-up, business psychology, and digital marketing.

I have started business’, maintained business’, closed business’ (they didn’t all work), run networking events for business women, run coaching events and guided business owners on a path to success. I have a deep understanding of what is takes to run an SME and the challenges faced.

People that know me would say I am inspiring, professional and authentic, I am a great listener and will turn your aspirations into workable plans.

I work at business owner & director level across all aspects of business to help you understand what you wish to achieve and guide you to achieve it.

Key Strengths: Coaching, advising, business psychology, digital transformation, emotional intelligence, motivation, digital marketing, e-commerce, team leading.

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